Members Information


The Club is affiliated to The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through The North

and East Midlands Photographic Federation.

The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) is the parent organization under

whose Constitution and Rules all Member Clubs operate. For ease of administration the

Alliance is split into fifteen Federations.

The North and East Midlands Photographic Federation ( or NEMPF for short) consists of

approximately 60 clubs from the Notts, Derbys and Lincs area. The organizing committee

of NEMPF comprises members from clubs within the Federation.

Meeting Place Eastwood Conservative Club, Church Street, Eastwood, Notts

Dates of Meetings Thursdays from early September to early May

Start time 7.30pm prompt

The aim of the club is to provide a wide-ranging programme of lectures, demonstrations, slide

,projected image and print shows, practical evenings, competitions and socials events. We are a

lively, friendly and informal club catering for all ages and photographic tastes.

Lectures and demonstrations are by both visiting lecturers mainly from a list approved by PAGB

and by our own club members and cover Colour and Monochrome Prints, Colour Slides and

Digital Imaging.

Numerous competitions and exhibitions held during the year are designed to encourage

members to display their work and receive constructive criticism from both outside judges and

other members but there is no obligation to take part unless you wish to do so.

Lighting and other equipment is available for loan..

New members are always welcome, whether beginners, intermediate or advanced workers.

Please feel free to come along to three or four of our meetings without obligation in order to get

an idea of how we operate before committing yourself to be a member.


Although all Camera Club members automatically become a member of the Conservative Club

this only to allow us to obtain favourable terms and free access to the premises. It is stressed that

there is no political or other association with the Conservative Club as the Camera Club are an

entirely independent organization run by a committee appointed by its own members.

Unfortunately the membership dates of the Camera Club and the Conservative Club are not

concurrent as our own year runs from September and that of the Conservative Club from 1st

January which means that new members joining in September will not receive Conservative

Club Membership until the following January but that membership will then run from that date

for 12 months. To gain access to the club before a security card is issued press the buzzer on the

inner door and announce Camera Club into the microphone grille.


Competitions are held during the season as announced in the club programme


Monthly Competitions with Open and Theme sections. (Maximum one entry in each section)

Closing date for entries is normally the Thursday before the competition and trophies are

awarded for all of the above competitions. All competitions are judged by independent judges

Please see published Rules page These are also printed on the Programme.


Annual Exhibition

This the culmination of the years work and is designed to provide members with the opportunity

to display their photographs to a wider audience.

The Exhibitions are normally on display at Kimberley Library for four weeks in March/April

and Eastwood Library for a further 4 weeks in August/September

Photographs can be those shown in competitions during the season or new work, but not work

which has appeared in previous annual exhibitions. Again please refer to Rules for full details.

Various awards are made for Exhibition entries as follows:

Best Print

Best Projected Image

Best Beginners Print


Closing date for entries is normally towards the end of February but will be announced well in


All awards are presented on Presentation Night which is an informal social evening normally

held on the final night of the season.

External Competitions

In addition to our own internal competitions there are a number of external competitions and

exhibitions run by other organizations some of which we can enter as a club and others to which

individuals may enter. These will be announced as and when we receive notification during the


The main external competition, which we do encourage members to enter, is the annual NEMPF

Exhibition where we are competing with all other clubs in the Federation. To have a print or

slide accepted is quite prestigious and we have always done well particularly in the Prints

Section. In fact we have won the Hiscox Trophy for the best panel of four prints on a number of

occasions in recent years. Final date for entries varies but will be advised in good time for

members to prepare their entries.

From time to time we also arrange competitions called Print and/or Slide Battles with other

clubs where a set of our photographs is put in competition with those of another club and are

marked and commented on by an independent judge.

Other Events

Photo Rambles (known as WOW) are arranged every Wednesday with a start around 9:30am. If

we have your email address you will be notified automatically and invited each week. Although

these rambles are normally of three or four miles the main purpose is to take pictures so the

distance can vary accordingly. At the end of our Ramble we all go for a pint, a ‘chip butty’ and a

chat. Trips to other photogenic places or events may also be organized.

From time to time we may also be invited to attend a meeting of another club particularly if they

have a well known personality giving a lecture.

Equipment Loan

This consists mainly of lighting equipment suitable for studio work. We have three studio flash

units with stands, brollies, reflectors, softbox and background unit. A Flashmeter is also

available to assist with accurate exposure. Please see the Equipment Secretary for details. As

Conservative Club members we are entitled to the us of the Clubroom on evenings other than

Thursday without charge providing it is not being used by anyone else so it could be used for

instance for a portrait session by a small group of members if required. The Equipment

Secretary or the Club Secretary would need to arrange this with the Conservative Club.


We have a Facebook presence, which all members are invited to use and can be found by

searching ‘Eastwood Photographic Society Facebook Page’. You can also find our Facebook

Page through our website and visa versa. Glasgow also have an Eastwood Photographic Society,

so make sure it’s the Nottinghamshire one.



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