The New Season will Start on 6th September 2018

New Competition Rules:


Competition entry forms must be completed for both Print and Projected Images and handed to the Competition Secretary the week before the competition date together with any Prints and Projected Image files.


There can be no exceptions.




This 2018 /19 Seasons Monthly Competition Subjects:



Book Titles & Open

A Different Point of View & Open

Old Kitchen Utensils & Open

Lego and Open


Download the Entry Forms here


For Panels and Medley here


For Exhibition Entry Forms click here









 No one is allowed to enter a competition until all their subscriptions have been paid.

 Judging will be by external judges wherever possible.

 All entries must be given to the Competition Secretary the Thursday before each competition  together with a completed  entry form

 The entries must have the following information on them:-


 Title_Open or Theme Competition_Membership Number


 Prints should preferably be displayed on 500mm x 400mm mounts; if window mounted it is  advisable to attach a supporting mount behind  the print for its for protection.

 Projected images from digital files should be presented on a memory stick or smart card.  Projected  images  to be submitted in JPEG format and should be a maximum of 1400 pixels wide x 1050  pixels high for landscape format, portrait format should not exceed 1050 pixels high.

 A print or projected image can be used only once in a Monthly Competition.

 An image from a projected imagel file cannot be entered as both a print and a projected image in the  same  competition.

 The Club reserves the right to display all competition entries for the website and advertising.

 A print or projected image cannot be used more than once in a monthly competition. Prints or  projected images used in monthly competitions can be used in other competitions and the  Annual Exhibition.

 Replica's are awarded to the Annual Exhibition overall winners print and projected image, the  highest total scores in Monthly print and projected image Competitions, and the following  competitions  - Medley Print colour and mono, Medley projected image colour and mono,  Print  Panel colour and mono and the two Novice Competitions.


2. Medley Print Photographer of the Year and Medley Projected Photographer of the year.

 Two separate competitions, one colour one monochrome (no mixed panels). Four prints or four  projected images for each competition. The Medley should display a range of subject matter  showing a variety of technical ability, artistic and good presentation skills. Entries to be judged  as a group.


3. Panel Competitions

 Two trophies - one for Colour Prints, one for Monochrome prints. A panel of four prints on a  theme of the member’s choice. No mixed panels allowed. Entries to be judged as a group.


4. Best Novice Print Competition and Projected Image Competition

 Members can enter up to four images in each competition and can be either colour or  monochrome (mixed).  Each award is for a single image.

 This competition is open to any member who has not won a competition in The Club.  Each  category is treated as a separate competition.

 A beginner or novice is classed as a member who has not won any of the Club Competitions at the  beginning of the Season.


5. Monthly Competitions

 Each Monthly Competition consists of an Open image and a Themed image.

 Maximum monthly competition entry is four images one themed print, one open print, one  themed  projected image and one open projected image.

 The judge will be asked for a winner, second and third, if there is twenty or more entries the  judge can allocate more than one second or third.

 The Competition Secretary shall allocate the votes on these ratio: first 20 points, second 19  points and third 18 points.   The rest of the competition entries shall have a score of 16.

 Though not compulsory the first three winning position members will be invited to speak on their  images; the images will be displayed for all members to view closely during the interval

 Diplomas are issued for the first three winning images and will be presented by the President at  the next Club evening.

 A trophy is awarded for the highest total points in monthly competitions; only four competitions  are counted, the lowest score being  discarded.


6. Annual Exhibition

 At the end of the season the Annual Exhibition will be judged by an outside judge with members  able to submit six prints and six projected images. Prints must also be sent as projected images to  enable their use at the Presentation Evening.

 A replica is issued for the overall winner of the Print and Projected Image; diplomas are issued for  Highly Commended and Commended.



Annual Competitions

Print Photographer of the Year (Best Total score for prints over the year)

Projected Image Photographer of the Year (Best Total score for projected images over the year)

Medley Print Photographer of the Year Colour

Medley Print Photographer of the Year Monochrome

Medley Projected Image Photographer of the Year

Panel Competition Colour Prints

Panel Competition Monochrome Prints














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