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Meetings take place on a Thursday Evening at 7.30 PM at the Conservative Club Church Road Eastwood from September until May.


The WOW crew out on a Wednesday Morning

A Little History


The first meeting of the Eastwood Photographic Club took place on 24th January 1952 when a number of local enthusiasts got together to further their common interests.


There were approximately 20 members and numbers grew steadily until at the peak in the nineteen eighties there were as many as seventy members.


Interest in Club photography in general declined in the early nineties and in 1998 numbers had fallen to 24 members. However with the introduction of the low cost digital camera, photography became more accessible to more and more people. Interest in the club grew and since then and now membership has increased.




 At the Eastwood Photographic Society there is a wealth of experience in all aspects of photography, over 200 years worth in fact. We are now in the digital age and our members have been shooting with digital cameras since the age of 650kb sensors and now 50 million pixel sensors. Each member prefers their make of camera and there is a little rivalry as to which make is the best. There is a good social atmosphere in the club and no one is afraid to ask questions on any subject let alone photography. The world is put to rights at the end of the evening at the bar. Members help each other with the complexities of photography and beginners can receive expert advice not only on any Thursday evening. There is always someone who will,know something. A group of members go for a Walk on a Wednesday (WOW) somewhere of interest and take their cameras. This is a good session to use your camera and gives an incentive to take pictures when you wonder what to photograph. If a member has a particular thing he or she would like to learn we can always arrange something on a one to one basis. There are no heirs and graces in the club just good friendly banter and many skills available to all.


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